The team at CP&H can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling project. No job is too large or too small. We work with you to find the ultimate solution for all your needs.

Would you like to lower your energy bills? How about replace old equipment? Maybe you want to lower your carbon foot print? CP&H can assist in all aspects of your project. Our customers wishes come first!

Below is a list of some of the products we use. Click any picture to pull up the products web site!

We are proud to be an LG Excellence Certified Contractor specializing in installs and repairs of mini-split systems. Heat pump technology is going to change the way we think about energy and LG is leading the way!

Check out A.O. Smiths line of energy efficient water heaters. The Voltex Electric Hybrid is hands down the most efficient way to heat domestic water!

We are proud to install Viessmann heating and solar thermal products. Viessmann is an industry leader in effecient and reliable propane and oil burning equipment, not to mention their solar thermal equipment!

We install Kohler plumbing fixtures and stand-by generators. Kohler makes some of the best fixtures out there at great prices. They've also been making stand-by generators since 1920! Check them out by clicking the link above.

We install Constant Pressure water systems from Franklin Electric! Got low water pressure? Click the link above and learn how a Franklin Sub-drive system could make that a thing of the past!

Click above to check out Wolverine Brass faucets. Wolverine Brass also makes the highest quality ball valves, tubular waste traps and water supplies out there.

CP&H has just become a BIO-CLEAN dealer!! We are proud to use BIO-CLEAN to aid in septic system and drainage performance! A few treatmnets with BIO_CLEAN and your waste lines will thank you!




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